Clobbr is a robust application and Command Line Interface (CLI) tool designed for developers to load test and analyze the speed of API endpoints. It's part of the Apihustle suite, aiming to identify concurrency and performance issues early, providing the confidence to ship your product.

Clobbr - API load & speed test
Clobbr is a developer tool that allows you to load & speed test your API endpoints to see how well they perform under load from multiple requests (clobber your APIs!), in sequence or parallel. Regardless if you’re testing a REST, GraphQL or cloud function Clobbr has got you covered!

Key Features

  • Multiple Endpoint Requests: Supports making requests to multiple endpoints, setting up request timeouts, headers, payloads, and more. Compatible with REST, GraphQL, and cloud functions.
  • Result History & Analysis: Explore result history, delve into key statistics such as standard deviation, percentiles, and more. View historical response timings using charts and tabular data.
  • Easy Configuration: Conveniently configure verb (GET, PUT, POST, etc.), set number of iterations, toggle between sequential and parallel requests or set request timeouts.
  • Advanced JSON Editor: Set payload data in the advanced built-in JSON editor to include in your request. Features include autocomplete, validation, and syntax highlighting.
  • Result Sharing: Share results with your team to highlight potential issues. No data is stored on a server and sensitive info can be stripped.
  • Customizable UI: Switch between light or dark modes, customize app behavior with advanced settings, and clear historical data anytime in app settings.
  • Privacy First: All data is stored locally. No account is needed and no data is shared with third parties.
  • Automatic GraphQL Detection: Based on payload data, the application will automatically detect GraphQL and split the results accordingly.
  • Open Source: Most parts of Clobbr are open source, and contributions can be made on GitHub.
  • CLI Integration: Clobbr offers a CLI counterpart with a beautiful UI and support for the same configurations. Exports results to CSV, JSON, or YAML.
  • CI/CD Integration: Automatically test endpoints based on your criteria in CI pipelines.


Available for Mac and Windows as a one-time purchase. No subscriptions or account required.